Review: Transpose

As I walked through the drizzle on my way to Transpose I wondered what the night ahead had in store.  Nervous, it was my first time I walked into the bar and was greeted by the friendly face of the lovely @CN Lester, my anxiety subsided. From this moment on the night, oh was it fabulous. Halloween inspired everyone had turned out in force dressed up to the nines, costumes galore ranging from Rocky horror inspired, ‘The Gender Binary’ to the “werewolf when it’s not a full moon”, divine.

The atmosphere in the room was phenomenal, like nothing I have experienced before, within minuets I was whisked into joyful conversation, surrounded by wonderful and like-minded people. Then the entertainment kicked off and damn it was top notch, this was just my cup of tea. Kick started with the ever encapsulating music from CN, powerful films, anecdotes and short stories from @san_alland, a fabulous fairytale from @hel_gurney, a raunchy short story from @applewriter, a wonderful first sonnet and a short story from @mixosaurus all rounded off by the absolutely fantastic band Squid and the Krakens who closed the night with non other than the time warp, perfect!

After the song had wound down my very first thought was “when is the next Transpose”, I will most certainly be going. I truly could not have asked for a better night, nor could imagine a better way to have celebrated Halloween.

All in all Transpose was wonderful, there was brilliant entertainment, successful charity auction and above all flaming fabulous company, what more could you ask for? Cake I hear you cry! Well you’ll be pleased to know there was cake!

I cannot recommend attending a Transpose event enough, it has to be one of the best nights I have been too in a long long time, so a massive thank you to all those who performed looked after me and to the absolutely fabulous and charming organiser CN, thank you 🙂


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Trans, GQ, Queer, Small, loves to learn, deep thinker London Town
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